Grandview Residence

Owner: Private

Client: Private

Location: Rockland County, NY

Completion Year: 2019

The Grandview Residence is a new single-family home located along the Hudson River in Rockland County New York. The design for this house was inspired by the steep slopes of the mountain in which it is anchored to and the level plane of the river which it overlooks.  


This house design uses architecture as a lens to experience and understand the surrounding landscape. The main profile of the house appears to be extruded from the mountain with multiple sloping roofs that geometrically match the slopes of the mountain behind it. The house is clad with larch wood which when weathered will organically connect to the tree trunks and vegetation that surrounds it. The window openings are deep and cut into the roofs creating animated framed views of the landscape on the inside looking out. The large cantilevered roof over the main porch echoes in the level plane of the river whereas the subtle slope of the black roof gutter speaks to the gentle rolling landscape on the other side of the Hudson River.  In essence this house tells an existential story about a place where a river and a mountain adjoin.  



  • Full Architecture  

  • Full Engineering 

  • Construction Management