Design - Volunteer Fire Department Architecture Design

Owner: Private

Client: Private

Location: New Jersey


Completion Year: TBD

The historic character of the project area provided inspiration for the proposed design. Macan Deve believes that Civic architecture is for the benefit of the people and as architects and engineers we can enhance the civic nature of a building through building form, materials, site orientation, landscaping and other sensory cues.


The historical character of areas’ past illustrates the importance of community and public services. As one of the few remaining planned developments of the 1910’s, this community has preserved its original character through its initial developer Herbert J Hapgood. Several architectural elements were used by Hapgood when developing the original community. The Arts and Crafts Movement, Colonial and Neoclassical architectural styles are prevalent throughout this community.


Our proposed concepts echo in the styles concretized by Hapgood but choose not to copy the existing styles. For instance, the proposed facades make use of a rainscreen that are cladded with larch wood. The wood aesthetic hearkens back to the Arts and Crafts style but is also a passive sustainable design element. Through the use of sustainable natural materials Macan Deve has bridged the gap between historical sensitivities and contemporary necessity. 


  • Full Architecture Concept Design

  • Full Engineering Concept Design

  • Design Services During Construction