Design - New Community Center

Owner: Town of Orangetown

Client: Town of Orangetown

Location: Rockland County, NY


Completion Year: 2021

The project proposes to construct a 30,000 to 40,000 square foot mixed community recreation and senior center facility. Approximately 75 parking spaces, including 6 handicap accessible spaces, will be provided on the Site. The development can potentially be completed in 2021.The Town of Orangetown has a long and rich history which can be traced back to the American Revolution. There are many Historic buildings and places that echo in the rich heritage from an earlier time. Historical buildings tell a story of time and are preserved for future generations to get a glimpse into how others dwelled before them. The Dutch who were the first to settle in Orangetown, are known for the Dutch Colonial houses. The Dutch Colonial’s style is characterized by its gambrel roof, with or without flared eaves, and the frequent use of dormers  


Macan Deve's design intent for the community center was to create a home for the community, one that will have a unique identity and serve a purpose for all the residents of Orangetown. We proposed a building typology that that relates to the existing architecture in terms of form, scale, and materiality. Our design process started with developing a building footprint and extruding it to a reasonable height relative to the program and began applying different roof configurations. The hipped roof form with dormers and integrated clerestory windows promotes natural light, ventilation and viewing experience.


  • Full Architecture Concept Design 

  • Full Engineering Concept Design