Suffern Residence

Owner: Private

Client: Private

Location: Rockland County, NY

Completion Year: 2018

The Suffern Residence is a new single-family home located along the Hudson Valley in Rockland County New York. The design for this house was inspired by the Ramapo Mountains and the old growth trees of the existing landscape.


This house design has a series of low sloping gable end roofs that frame and anchor it to the rolling hills of the Pomona Mountains. The main gables of the house are centered with the mountain valley behind it. The house is clad with clear vertical grain cedar and has been installed vertically to physically associate itself with the old growth trees within the existing landscape. Large cantilevers on the main elevation juxtapose to the verticallity of the trees and accentuate the spreading out of the tree canopy. The house re-presents the landscape in which it dwells through geometry, orientation and materiality.



  • Full Architecture  

  • Full Engineering 

  • Construction Management