Architecture + Mechanical Engineering

Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility

Owner: Private 

Client: STV Inc. 

Location: New York City, NY

Completion Year: 2021 

As a subcontractor to STV Inc., Macan Deve is providing permitting support facility planning independent technical review and mechanical, plumbing and architectural design and design services during construction for the installation of flood adaptation strategies to harden and enhance the resiliency at a historic wastewater resource recovery facility in New York City, NY and reduce the probability of damage, service disruptions, and environmental impacts during and after a storm surge event. Services include facility planning independent technical review, the development of architectural, mechanical and plumbing drawings and specifications, permit management support, Department of Small Business Services permitting support, Department of Buildings permitting support, and Public Design Commission submissions coordination, review of architectural, mechanical and plumbing shop drawings, and response to architectural, mechanical, and plumbing RFIs. Flood adaptation strategies include sealing building perimeters and creating elevated secondary access so the building can be accessed during a flood event. External Flood Barriers include installing aluminium stackable flood barriers across flood pathways, such as doorways, louvers, or around the perimeter of a structure. Mechanical engineering services include the replacement of sump pumps, grit pumps, seal water pumps and service water pumps.

Cast In Place & Pre-Cast Design Concept

Concrete in the form of cast in place (CIP) and pre-cast exists in some form on all of the buildings within the plant; whether it is the large concrete spandrel on the Main Building or the pre-cast coping on many of the other buildings. Comparatively, concrete seemed to blend in better with all the buildings, specifically at the buildings bases as there are existing concrete projections such as concrete planter walls, stairs and other building elements.

Concrete Pilaster Design Concept

The proposed concrete pilaster design acts as a termination point for the concrete flood walls and an anchorage for the flood barrier panel frames. The pilasters allow the flood barrier frames to be permanently installed and protected during normal plant operations. The permanent installation of the frames also reduces the deployment time during flood events.


  • Facility Planning Independent Technical Review  

  • Architectural, Mechanical and Plumbing Design 

  • Understanding of flood adaptation strategies 

  • Understanding of unique challenges needed to perform work with minimal disruption to daily operations 

  • Public Design Commission 

  • DOB Permitting Support  

  • SBS Permitting Support 

  • Permitting Support (PIC, RCMP, Procurement, Construction) 

  • DSDC 

  • Shop Drawing Reviews 

  • RFI/RFC Response & Processing