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Central Boiler Heating Plant Upgrades – Taft Houses Green House Gas Reduction (LL97 Compliance)

Owner: New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Client: D&B Engineers and Architects

Location: Manhattan, NY 

Projected Completion Year: Current

As subcontractor to D&B Consulting Engineers and Architects, Macan Deve is providing the mechanical design services for the replacement of the existing boiler plant. The new plant is based upon a decoupling of space from hot water heating. Scope of services includes the optimization of the new boiler plant sizing based upon the new basis of design, and the replacement of [6] existing 331 BHP fire box boilers with [3] 450 BHP Scotch Marine high efficiency boilers, including all auxiliaries in the boiler room. 

Macan Deve performed a weather normalized regression on the annual fuel usage to rapidly evaluate the building heat load rather than recreate design heat load calculations for the building. This produced actual heat loads in the building, given the current conditions of the building envelope. With decoupling of HW heating, a reduction in the number of boilers was achieved.  

To maintain hot water distribution to Residents, temporary steam is required during demolition of the central heating system in the Boiler Room, along with temporary steam needed for HW production in each of the HW tank rooms using IHWHs. The space allocation in the Boiler Room for the permanent boilers with reduced footprint minimizes the term needed for the temporary boilers by providing additional swing space. With extra space available, the demo of existing boilers can be coordinated with the installation of the new permanent boilers. 


  • HVAC Design 

  • Design Services During Construction  

  • Familiarity with Building Systems and Apartments   

  • NYCHA Section 3 Engagement  

  • Understanding challenges to minimize disruption to daily operations  

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