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Port Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant

Owner: NYC DEP

Client: Hazen & Sawyer

Location: Staten Island, NY 

Projected Completion Year: 2023

As a subcontractor to Hazen and Sawyer Inc., Macan Deve is providing architectural design and construction phase support for the installation of flood adaptation strategies to harden and enhance the resiliency of the Port Richmond WWTP and reduce the probability of damage, service disruptions, and environmental impacts during and after a storm surge event. Design services include development of architectural drawings and specifications; SBS permitting support; and PDC submissions coordination. Macan Deve is also engaged in submittal and RFI reviews.  


Flood adaptation strategies to be completed as part of the Storm Mitigation Loan Program grant funding include: 

  • Sealing and structurally reinforcing building perimeters and flood pathways to the tunnel system to protect critical equipment 

  • Providing perimeter flood wall protection at the emergency generator and electrical substation area 

  • Upgrading the wet-pit submersible sump pumps 

  • Providing secondary means of egress 

  • Relocating control panels above the DFE (Design Flood Elevation) and providing submersible primary tank influent channel flush pumps 

  • Providing dry pit submersible wear ring flush pumps 

  • Installation of slide gate and actuator for backflow prevention between Final Settling Tank and Parshall Flume 

  • Installation of elevated stairs and catwalk to Parshall Flume  

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