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Central Boiler Heating Plant Upgrades – Rangels/Farragut Houses Green House Gas Reduction (LL97 Compliance)​

Owner: New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Client: Richards Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.

Location: NYC

Projected Completion Year: Current

As a subcontractor to Richards Plumbing, Macan Deve is providing a full- time, on-site Construction Manager to perform technical services from pre- to post- construction phases. Services include daily inspections, safety toolbox meetings, coordination drawings, submittal reviews, documentation of existing conditions, schedule reviews, progress meetings, review of DOB filings, change order coordination, final inspections, as-built drawing coordination, and close-out.  



  • Construction Management  

  • Work performed in occupied space  

  • Daily Inspections  

  • Submittals Review  

  • Schedule Review  

  • Change Order Coordination  

  • DOB Filing Coordination  

  • Close-out  

  • As-Built Drawings Coordination  

  • Coordination throughout entire construction process  

  • Understanding challenges to minimize disruption to daily operations  

  • Site-Safety 

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