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Marlboro Houses Design-Build Heating and Hot Water System Replacement and Upgrade​

Owner: The New York City Housing Authority

Client: The New York City Housing Authority

Location: Brooklyn, NY 

Projected Completion Year: 2025

Macan Deve, as Joint Venture Partner with premier NYC-based mechanical contractor, Maric Mechanical, Inc., was awarded a design-build contract to upgrade the heating and domestic hot water systems at the New York City Housing Authority’s historical Marlboro Houses development in Brooklyn, NY.   Our Team’s scope includes de-coupling domestic hot water generation from existing natural gas-fired boilers through electrification and upgrading the central boiler plant which will continue to provide heat for the 30-building housing development, with more than 1,700 apartments.  The project also involves complete electrification of one residential building eliminating the use of steam to generate domestic hot water and heat with state-of-the-art air source heat pumps.  Together, these improvements are estimated to reduce green-house gas emissions as compared to current operations by almost 40%, and take an enormous step towards NYC’s legislative mandate through Local Law 97/2019 to drastically reduce emissions 80% by 2050.  Macan Deve is also serving as engineer and architect of record, supported by Ventrop Engineering Consulting Group, PLLC and other highly qualified design professionals.  The project is expected to achieve substantial completion in the Spring of 2025. 

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