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Westchester County Valhalla Campus – Primary Deaerator Replacement​

Owner: County of Westchester/ New York Power Authority

Client: County of Westchester/ New York Power Authority

Location: Valhalla, NY 

Completion Year: 2022

Macan Deve served as the Design-Builder and lead designer for this Project to replace the critical equipment at the Valhalla campus of the Westchester County Medical Center, as part of the New York Power Authority’s Statewide Energy Efficiency Program. The existing central boiler plant consists of high-pressure boilers that generate steam to supply heat and hot water throughout the entire campus including the critical care hospital and Medical Center.  The plant is a 24/7 facility with stringent reliability and availability requirements.  Certain elements, including the deaerator system, had exceeded their useful life in terms of plant performance and needed replacement.  Macan Deve’s design and construction scope included the incorporation of a new deaerator tank, new pumps, and automatic controls which rotate operating times increasing the service life of the system.  A unique challenge for this critical project involved the need to maintain steam generation so heat and hot water were continuously maintained throughout construction, which our Team accomplished with the use of a temporary deaerator that was kept in operation until after start-up and commissioning were complete. Overcoming these constraints and significant supply chain issues, the project was completed successfully and reached substantial completion in April 2022. 

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